Joel Blankenship of The Blankenship Law Firm of Birmingham
successfully represents his clients in matters of criminal defense, DUI, Fair
Credit Collection Practices, Consumer Telephone Protection Rights, as well as
offering legal guidance for incorporating a small business, wills, probate and
estate planning services, and Real Estate law.

We fight for the rights of people who face Criminal Charges or DUI Charges, and we fight for people who have been
mistakenly arrested and need the truth brought to light. Whether you are in
need of a second chance or you are a victim of an over-zealous police action, a
qualified criminal defense lawyer can protect your legal rights and help you
get your life back on track.

If you are seeking the reassurance that an Estate Plan can provide for your loved ones, we
have the knowledge to help you safeguard your legacy.

If you have any legal Real Estate matters that
you need addressed, we have the experience and knowledge to advise you on the
correct steps to take.

If you are being harassed by Debt Collectors,
or other parties that violate your privacy or business practices illegally by
telephone, we will take the necessary actions end your problem for good, and
for you to be awarded the compensation that you deserves.

Rooted in Community Service, Protecting the Rights of
the People

The Blankenship Law Firm was founded by Joel R. Blankenship,
with this ideal in mind: to uphold justice and protect the rights of the people
of Alabama through the ethical, knowledgeable and committed practice of the
law. We have earned a reputation as a community-minded, caring and effective
law firm.

Support that is Accessible

We answer your questions in a language that you can
understand so that you have a say in your future. We believe you should know
your options at all times and we stay in regular communication with our clients
each step of the way. Your calls, e-mails or text messages will be returned promptly.

We Know How to Win

Mr. Blankenship has been put to the test handling some
extremely difficult and challenging legal cases. Using his resourcefulness,
understanding of the law and aggressive approach, he was able to resolve these
cases successfully on behalf of the clients.

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