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Consumer Debt Defense

Your Creditors have Attorneys working for them, so should

If you are being sued by your Credit Card Company, debt
collectors, or debt buyers, you have options. You may have defenses to the
lawsuit against you. A settlement may be negotiated on your behalf. If you
don’t respond to a law suit against you, they win without ever having to prove
their case.

Ignoring a lawsuit filed by your creditors will result in
additional fees and costs added to what your creditors claim you already owe
them. Even if you owe your creditors the money, you may have defenses available
to you, or negotiation opportunities that can limit what you have to pay them.

Even if you owe the creditor some amount of money, it is
important to protect your rights as a debtor and have an accurate accounting.
First, you want to make sure the amount claimed is actually legitimate and not
based on some illegal interest rate. You also want to make sure all of your
past payments were applied to the debt. You need to make the creditor prove what
it is claiming.

If you are dealing
with any of the following: 

Lawsuit filed by one of your creditors

Debt Collectors ringing your phone off the hook

You are behind on your payments and receiving collection letters

You can’t sleep at night because of your debt situation

You are just ready for a fresh financial start!

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