Providing Successful DUI Defense

When you retain the services of Blankenship Law Firm for
your DUI case, you are getting an upstanding law firm with a track record of
success. Determined and knowledgeable attorney, Joel Blankenship, knows how to
defend your rights in a DUI charge.

There are numerous ways to defend against a DUI charge or other criminal charges. Once we know
the specifics of your DUI charge and your own individual situation, we can give
you an understanding of the approach we would like to take in your case and
provide you with a sense of what to expect throughout the duration of this
legal matter. Every case is different, but some common issues addressed

·       First Offense DUI – Everyone makes a mistake, let an experienced
Attorney explain all of your options to protect your future.

·       Felony DUI – After 3 prior convictions, future DUIs are
charged as Felonies in the State of Alabama. We can win this case and challenge
your prior convictions.

·       Youthful Offender DUI – Minors are treated differently under Alabama DUI
statutes, including the ability to have a sealed criminal record.

·       Commercial License (CDL) DUI – Your livelihood depends on your CDL. If you were
arrested for DUI or have too many points on your license, call us.

·       Driver’s License Suspension – We can guide you through the administrative
hearing process to get your license back sooner.

Mr. Blankenship has obtained favorable results for his
clients. He sifts through all of the evidence that could be used against you to
find each and every way to challenge the prosecutor’s case against you.

We know there is a stigma that is associated with a drunk
driving conviction. Our client meetings our private and we take every step
possible to bring you the best results available.

Have You Been Convicted for a

Contact our office
immediately and we may be able to prevent your driver’s license from being
automatically suspended.

We have helped people of all ages, income
brackets and cultural backgrounds overcome DUI charges. Contract attorney Joel
Blankenship at (205) 328-3358 for your free legal consultation today.