Blankenship Law Firm

First Offense DUI

One Mistake should not haunt your future. 

For the majority of people, their first DUI arrest will also
be their last, and at the Blankenship Law Firm we will work with you to
minimize the damages of this traumatic event.

 For the first time offender, there are multiple options
available. You need an experienced DUI defense attorney to know what options
are available to you, and how to effectively guide you through the process.

 Depending on the jurisdiction, first time offenders may be
eligible for:

Community service,

a CRO (Court Referral Order) program,

a rehab program, or

deferred prosecution.

 A one-time mistake does not have to ruin your life, your
best defense is to trust your case to an experienced DUI attorney. From the moment
you call until your case is over, let us help you through this trying time and
get your life back to normal.


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