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Youthful Offender DUI

A mistake of your Youth should not affect your Future.

If not properly handled, a youthful DUI can have long
reaching consequences.

A DUI conviction for those between 18 and 21 has the same
serious consequences of an adult DUI, with the added charge of underage
drinking. Hiring an experience DUI attorney fighting for you ever step of the
way will minimize the potential damages of a youthful mistake.

This begins with an extensive examination of your case to
seek any possible defenses. Our firm will then explore any and all options to
have your case dismissed without conviction to preserve your record. Through
knowledge of Court Referral programs and deferred prosecution, clients are
often able to avoid having their drivers licensed revoked or suspended. Finally
we will petition the court to seal your record, to ensure that a youthful
mistake does not follow you for the rest of your life.

We work closely with clients to minimize the damage of a
youthful mistake. Let an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer help you with your

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