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Felony DUI Defense

Fourth Offense DUI is a Felony in Alabama

If a defendant has
three certified prior DUI convictions in Alabama, the fourth DUI is
automatically charged as a felony.

While any DUI
conviction is serious and carries severe penalties, the fourth DUI – if
convicted – carries a prison sentence of between 365 days up to as much as life
in prison. It is important to talk to an experienced DUI defense attorney and
determine all the options.

the fourth DUI by challenging the evidence. 

the evidence points to conviction, fight the prior DUIs.

It takes a lawyer who
has a thorough knowledge of DUI laws and a determination to check every detail
in old convictions to find mistakes that can be challenged. The attorneys at
the Amari Law Firm have experience and knowledge plus a track record of positive
results for clients.

If you have been
charged with DUI and have three prior convictions, do not give up without a
fight. You have too much to lose. At our law firm, we will work to win the case
or to knock off prior convictions – whatever works best in your particular

Protect yourself against the harsh consequences of a Felony
DUI. Call today for a free consultation.