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Drivers License Suspension

Don’t Let Them Take Your License. We Can Help.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Alabama, your license
is automatically suspended within a short period of time after your arrest. We
understand that losing your license can cost you your job, upset your family
life and have other far-reaching negative consequences.

Should you retain our law firm, we request an administrative
review hearing, where we can explain why you need to keep your license. This is
your only chance to prevent an automatic suspension of your driver’s license
until your DUI hearing in court. Challenging the suspension of a license can
also aid in your DUI defense.

Does your livelihood depend on your ability to

Does your family depend on you for

Are you the sole income earner for your family?

Do you need to take your children to and from

of the decision is based on why you need your license. If
you answer yes
to the above questions, we may be able to help you keep your license.

You Can Count on The Blankenship Law Firm in the
defense your rights.

Has the state threatened to take your license away due to a
DUI charge or some other reason? Talk to a lawyer who can take action to
prevent your license from being suspended. We offer free initial consultations.
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