Control your future.

 The single most responsible thing a person can do for
their family is to take some simple steps to plan ahead for their demise. Failure
to consult an attorney for a basic estate plan can result in unintended consequences
in the future. Whether you are a new parent who wants to ensure your child is
taken care of, or a recent retiree who wants to plan their legacy, the
Blankenship Law firm can help you in planning for the future.

 We start our estate planning process with an in depth
interview with each client, along with a comprehensive review of our clients
assets and needs, so that we can truly create a plan that reflects our clients

 The Blankenship Law firm will draft a comprehensive
estate plan that can include the following:


Living Wills




Durable Power of Attorney

 From the day of your initial consultation, we custom
build an estate plan based on your desires and needs.

 Let us help you with this important step for the future.
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