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Advanced Health Care Directives

Advanced Health Care Directives, also known as a Living
Will, is a document used to tell your Doctors and family what type of medical
care you want if you are too sick or hurt to talk or make decisions. It’s a
document that helps you plan for worst case scenarios. More important, it
leaves your family a guide, so they don’t have to guess, or have lingering
doubts about these challenging decisions.

It’s important that your family members know what you’d like
for end of life care. When you have an Advanced Health Care Directive, you’re
spelling things out clearly and making your wishes clear. It’s difficult to
think about potentially devastating situations, but preparation is key. You may
have a strong opinion on your health care. You want to make sure you have a
document that clearly communicates your wishes. If you haven’t put it in
writing, that puts your family in a difficult situation. They’ll want to make
sure they’re doing the right thing, and only you can provide that reassurance.
Signing an Advanced Health Care Directive helps ensure that your wishes are
granted and eases the stress on your family.

An Advanced Health Care Directive is an essential part of
your estate plan.