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The Foundation Document for your Future.

 A will is the basis of any estate plan. This document
provides direction as to how a person’s property will be distributed upon their
death, and who will be responsible for carrying out their wishes. In the
absence of a properly executed will, property will be distributed in accordance
to Alabama Intestate Law. Further, for families of minor children, a will can
guide your family and the court system on taking care of your child in case of
a tragic accident.

 Don’t let the State of Alabama decide how your assets are
distributed. Leaving a will can bring comfort in the tumultuous time after a
loved one has passed. It gives clear direction to your loved ones, as to who
you want to assume the responsibility of distributing your assets, and how you
want those assets distributed.

 Good will drafting requires through consultation, careful
attention to detail, and knowledge of applicable law to ensure the proper
execution of the document. Take control of your future, by executing a document
to assist your family through trying times.


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