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Municipal Court Charges and Appeals

Municipal Court is still Criminal Court.

Many Misdemeanor cases, including DUI, Domestic Violence,
and drug possession, are handled in City or Municipal Courts. A Municipal Court
is established by individual cities to govern over violations of city code, and
misdemeanor violations, including traffic offenses. These Municipal Courts are
presided over by a Judge and Prosecutor appointed and paid for by the city,
instead of an elected Judge and District Attorney.

Alabama Municipal Courts do not have jury trials. All
court proceedings are presided over and ruled by the Judge. However, because
these courts are governed by the Alabama Criminal Code, a conviction will
appear on your record, and you may receive a prison sentence of up to one year
or fines that can total thousands of dollars.

Just like any other court in this State, you have the
right to an attorney to represent you in these proceedings, and even if
convicted, you have the right to appeal the conviction within 14 days. Cases in
front of a Municipal Judge are serious matters. Make sure that you have someone
there to represent your interests.

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