Let us help guide you through a trying time.

The days and weeks after a death of a loved one are filled
with a wide range of emotions, including the lingering question of what happens
with your loved ones property that they have left behind. The answer largely
depends on how comprehensive of an estate plan your loved one left behind.

Some property transfers automatically outside of the probate
process, but for the rest, actions have to be taken with the Probate Court of
your county. There are two methods to properly dispose of an estate: 

Administration of an Estate
occurs when a person
dies intestate, or without a properly executed will. Distribution of the estate
is done in accordance to the Alabama Code.

Probate of a Will
occurs with a properly
executed way and distribution of the estate is done in accordance to the terms
of the will.


This process is often intimating, both with the time and
complexity of documents involved. We are here to help you through this
troubling time by making it as easy as possible. From the day you hire us to
the day we close the estate, we are beside you every step of the way to provide
sound guidance and ensure an easy transition.

Call today for a consultation and let us help you through
this troubling time.