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Administration of an Estate

What happens when you die without a Will.


When a person dies without a will, their Estate is
subject to Alabama Intestate Law. This law will govern the process by which the
Estate is distributed, and who it is distributed to. This process is more
complex than simple probate of a will, and requires more oversight by the
Probate Court.


Estate Administration begins with the appointment of a
Personal Representative. This is the person who will inventory and collect the
property of the decedent, manage and protect the property during the course of
the Administration. The Personal Representative is also responsible for paying
the claims of creditors and distributing the property to the proper heirs.
Unlike a will, which specifies the Personal Representative and Alternate
Personal Representative, any natural heir at law may serve as Personal
Representative of the Administration of an Estate, subject to some


Administration of an Estate is often a complex process,
but at the Blankenship Law Firm, we are here to help. We have experience in
Estate Administration and can help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as
possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to review your case.